Hackers are everywhere. Even a noob can cause serious damage. What can you do to protect it against cybercriminals? Instead of sitting back and waiting to get infected, why not arm yourself and fight back?

Use an antivirus software – An antivirus will prevent computer hacking to a great extent. Make sure you keep the program updated and scan your computer for viruses as often as possible.
Keep your devices updated – An updated OS (Operating System) and applications can help you avoid computer hacking as it will fix some of the vulnerabilities.

If it’s suspicious, don’t click it – When you receive emails from untrusted sources, don’t open them. If you receive an email from an important platform, like your bank or even Facebook, asking for your password, don’t give it in. These kinds of services don’t usually randomly ask for your credentials.

Think twice before downloading – I know you want the latest crack for your favorite game, but before you click on installing it to your computer, first make sure you can trust the source. This is where an antivirus software is crucial. If you download something malicious, the antivirus will warn you before you get to open the file and become exposed.

Don’t run unnecessary network services – When installing systems, any non-essential features should be disabled.

Enable the firewall – To make the firewall more effective, learn how to limit the number of ports your computer uses to receive internet data.

Use a VPN – By using a trustworthy VPN software, you take the biggest step into protecting yourself from computer hacking. You’ll be able to browse the internet anonymously and keep your data private at all steps. Hackers won’t be able to trace your online activity, hence keeping you out of their radar. Besides, using a VPN also comes with many other benefits.

Develop a corporate security policy – You should choose unique large password that are a combination of letters and numbers and should be changed every 90 days to limit hackers’ ability. And immediately delete the user name and password when someone leaves company.

How to protect yourself from computer hacking

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