Hello, Guys Today I Will Show You How To Hide Any Files Like .apk, .EXE, .Zip, .RAR, Etc.
Hide In Any Image. (Belive Me Nobody Can Doubt On You.)

1. It’s for Education Purpose Only.
2. Don’t Use In Illegal Works.

1.Kali Linux Or Parrot Security OS Installed Pc ( Also Live Mode) (How To Run In Live Mode)
2. Some Knowledge About Kali Linux (Not Higher Requirement Follow My Steps Only)
3. Some Patience.

1. Open Your Terminal And Type cat YourImage.jpg ThoseFileThatYouWant ToHide >Newfile.jpg

2.Now Your New Jpg File Is Created when we Open it Then It will Show As Image.
3.Next How To Extract Again My File From New Image File.
4.Now I Am deleted Old Softwarelord.jpg And My.webm Now I have Only File .jpg now We extract Our Files From File.jpg

5. Now Type unzip Yournewfile.jpg Hit Enter.

6.This Process Work In If We Zip File Is Merging In Image.

7.In Zip File We Can Add Every File. sizes Not Matter.

8.So Now I Am Ending By Post If You Have any Problem Or Suggestion Mail Me At admin@ethicalhackers.in

Steganography (Parrot OS)

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