What is steghide?

Steghide is a steganography tool which is used to hide any data information within a file.


1.Kali Linux Or Parrot Security OS Installed Pc ( Also Live Mode) (How To Run In Live Mode)
2. Some Knowledge About Kali Linux (Not Higher Requirement Follow My Steps Only)
3. Some Patience.


1. Open Your Terminal And Type sudo apt-get install steghide And Hit Enter.
2. After Installation Type steghide And Hit Enter, Now You Will See Lot’s Of Help Options.

3. Now See Process Of Any File Hide In Image Files.
4. Now Type In terminal steghide embed -cf YourImgFileLocation -ef fileyouwanthide And Hit Enter.

5. Now It’s Ask For Password If You Password Protected File Enter Pass And Hit Enter Then Retype Pass And Hit Enter. If Not Then Press 2 Times Enter.

6. Now You Can See I Hide My File In 1.jpg File Hidden File Name is hello.txt You Can See On Image Now I am deleted hello.txt File But We Have File In 1.jpg. You can Open 1.jpg file Normal As You Open Other Image Files.

7. Now We Are Going To Extract Our Hello.txt File From 1.jpg.

8. Now Type In terminal steghide info yourimgefile And Hit Enter.

9. Data Hiding Is Done.

10. Now We Extract Our Hidden File From Our image File.

11. Now Type steghide Extract -sf Yourimgfile Hit Enter. Now Our Hidden File Extracted From Image File.

12. So Now I am Ending My Post If You Have Any Query Then Mail Me On at admin@ethicalhackers.in.


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