Hackers use several tools for hacking their victims, there are few most common tools that can be created using programming or open source tools/ operating systems like Kali Linux can be used.

Most common tools used


Trojan horses – Trojan horses are malicious programs or legitimate software is to be used set up a back
door in a computer system.

Virus – Virus is a self-replicating program that spreads by inserting copies of itself into other executable
code or documents.

Worm – Worm is a like virus and also a self-replicating program. The difference between a virus and a
worm is that a worm does not attach itself to other code.

Vulnerability scanner – This tool is used by hackers for quickly check computers on a network for known
weakness. Hackers also use port scanners.

Sniffer – Sniffer is an application that captures password and other data in transit either within the
computer or over the network.

Social engineering – Through this to acquire some type of data.

Exploit – This is an application to exploits a known shortcoming.

Root Kit – This tool is for hiding the fact that a computer’s security has been compromised.

Tools used by Hackers

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